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Veleco ZT15

Produced by renowned manufacturer Veleco company, ZT15 mobility scooter is known for its high quality. Assembled in Poland and delivered fully ready-to-drive, it is a perfect solution for everyone who has to deal with daily mobility problems of any kind.

Being one of the first models manufactured by the company, it is a great vehicle for first time electric mobility scooter users.

Large White 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco Gravis

4 Wheeled Mobility Scooter GRAVIS is our heavyduty disability scooter, which can be used in any road conditions thanks to its great suspension system. On top of that it is equipped with modern LED lighting which provides a lot of safety in the night and are highly visible in any conditions.

Model GRAVIS is a perfect solution to everyone who looks for full stability and a sense of security when driving a mobility scooter.

Large Red 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco Faster

Model FASTER is a 4 wheel mobility scooter that will definitely take you anywhere safely. With this awesome model, you can feel as secure as possible when driving outside on any kind of road. Four wheels on a very powerful suspension system and adjustable seat make any trip as comfortable as possible.

This model is an especially good choice for first time electric mobility scooter users that lack full confidence when driving.

Large Blue 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco Faster + Canopy

If you have ever felt too hot while enjoying the outdoors, then FASTER mobility scooter with roof is just what you need. With a perfect canopy, it will shield you from the heat, and it will make every ride much more pleasant.

This model has been especially welcome by all those who love playing golf. Four wheel stability provide great support and the weighted roof keeps the vehicle to the ground while not impacting its other abilities.

Large Grey Scooter with Canopy

Veleco ZT63

Our ZT63 retro Vespa electric scooter is a perfect choice for any customer who fancies the look straight from early and middle 1900s. The Vespa style mobility scooters are a perfect balance between old body and brand-new heart of the vehicle.

This model is favoured by everyone who prefers to have their mobility vehicle not look like a mobility aid. The vehicle was designed in a way that makes it possible for two people to get on it.

Black Retro 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco Draco

Congratulations on finding the best electric mobility scooter with the most reliable batteries. Our DRACO model is the highest quality, top of the line mobility scooter, which won Quality International Award in 2020. Accelerated with the push of a button, this model was manufactured in mind with elders, young and everyone else who cannot operate a regular scooter acceleration system.

Don’t wait, order now and venture forth on a journey at full capacity.

Large Blue 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco ZT16

Speed through the pavement with trike mobility scooter ZT16. With just a gentle twist of your grip, you can ride around your area, visit favourite shops and those far away parks that you long for. Save your time by driving securely on ZT16 for all of your daily mobility needs. The model ZT16 comes with a detachable basket, which makes it perfect as a simple shopping vehicle.

It is a perfect choice for someone without driving licence who wants to save time when visiting far away shops.

Red Compact Mobility Scooter

Veleco Cristal

Do you live in the area with uneven terrain, that only CRISTAL electric mobility scooter, a 3-wheeler with full suspension vehicle can tackle? CRISTAL from Veleco is an electric mobility scooter equipped with 1000W motor, which can easily deal with any kind of road obstacle.

Available in three luxurious colours: black, silver and white. It is well suited for all refined users.

Large White 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Veleco Sagitta

Model SAGITTA is an electric moped that is as fast as an arrow. With the unique Multi-functional titling system it is able to tackle any kind of difficult terrain. Equipped with SPORT button, this vehicle can accelerate much faster by pumping more power into a powerful 2000W motor.

To meet all customer expectations, model SAGITTA is able to carry two people on its lightweight build being only 105 kg.

Red 3 Wheel Electric Moped