The Mk2 Plus has arrived

Look no further in your search for the very best mobility scooter – Scooterpac is the hallmark of mobility excellence. The Cabin Car Mk2 Plus has been designed to offer you everything you desire.

When the original Cabin Car hit the market a few years ago, the response was incredible – shipping to all corners of the globe, we knew something big was happening. Ever since that moment, through innovation, the Scooterpac engineering team has continued to enhance the lives of the less able.

The result is so much more than a scooter – it is quite simply a completely revived approach to mobility.

Standard Features

Frequently Asked Questions:

The Cabin Car is designated as a Class 3 invalid carriage. Mobility scooters are not legally defined as vehicles and therefore you also do not need a driving licence or take a test.

Although it is not a legal requirement, we strongly recommended that users take out a comprehensive mobility scooter insurance policy to cover personal safety, other people’s safety, costs towards accidental damage and the value of the Cabin Car.

The Cabin Car is not subject to Vehicle Excise Duty (‘road tax’). However, both new and used Class 3 vehicles must be registered annually with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).

As part of the Scooterpac Promise, the Cabin Car comes with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Unlike other mobility scooter manufactures, the warranty period begins not when Cabin Car is purchased by the dealer but when their customer purchases the Cabin Car. Items considered to have a limited lifespan including batteries, tyres and windscreen wipers are not covered.

Syk Blue and Berry red Cabin Cars

Scooterpac Cabin Car MK2 Plus


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If you have any questions about this scooter, please do not hesitate to call us. Our advisors are on hand to assist you with any queries you may have.

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The Mk2 Cabin Car is the height of luxury and the pinnacle of the mobility world. The Scooterpac Cabin Car Mk2 is the hallmark of mobility excellence. Designed to offer you everything you desire, the Scooterpac engineering team has created a product that gives you so much more than a scooter – it is quite simply a completely revived approach to mobility. The Cabin Car Mk2 Plus is by far the most advanced, luxurious and distinctive mobility scooter on the market today.

With many optional extras also available such as an alarm system, electric windows, front and rear bumpers, cool air system, 100ah or lithium-ion batteries , heated seats, lockable storage boxes, walking stick holders, tinted windows, puddle lights, trailers 9 inch black alloys and even a wireless handsfree system- you can further customise your cabin car to suit your individual needs – you can even request a bespoke paint colour should you wish. Please call us for more details on these upgrades.