Dash E-Fold Powerchair


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The Dash E-Fold is a Rear Wheel drive automatically folding power chair. It is extremely light, weighing just 26kg. This aluminium Powerchair folds automatically using a remote-control button. It folds down completely to create easy storage and transport which is great for frequent travellers and for portability. It has a fully adjustable backrest, armrests and footrest with a anti-tip design, padded seat and large footplate to add to the users comfort. It also has a suspension system to absorb impact and improve the performance of the Powerchair. The Dash E-Fold is made from very high quality materials including a SuperPower brushless motor and advanced Lithium-ion battery that has a 9 mile range. There is a high quality charger and this power chair can be taken on aeroplanes (known as airsafe). There is some convenient storage with an under seat mesh storage and a cup holder.