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Monarch Carbon Supa Lite Folding Scooter

The all new Monarch Carbon Supa Lite folding mobility scooter boasts a carbon fibre construction making it incredibly strong and the one of the lightest folding mobility scooters on the market. Sleek and stylish the Carbon Supa Lite folding mobility scooter weighs only 19kgs when the airline-friendly lithium-ion batteries are removed. This ultra modern mobiltiy scooter is sure to turn heads!

Monarch Carbon Supa Lite in black

Autofold Mojo

The Mojo is the all new auto folding ‘travel-friendly’ scooter. The heaviest part of this innovative scooter comes in at just 11.5kg.The new Mojo Auto Folding Mobility Scooter is compact and feather-light, and boasts a sleek design that really sets it apart. The Mojo comes with a pressure relief air cushion seat and backrest to enhance your comfort. In addition, honeycomb tyres deliver a softer ride, whilst the ingenious folding mechanism is fully automatic. With a host of other features (such as LED front lights to keep you safe) the amazing Mojo comes in a range of 4 colours.

Yellow and Green Folding Mobility Scooters

Monarch Whizz

The Whizz Mobility Scooter by Monarch provides reliability and agile manoeuvrability. The Whizz features a unique quick release assembly and reassembly so NO HEAVY LIFTING! All in all, The Whizz Mobility Scooter is perfect for public walkways, supermarket aisles and shops.

White Transportable Mobility Scooter

Autofold Smarti

The automatic folding Smarti is one of the best known and loved mobility scooters on the market today. It has a top speed of 4mph and is powered by an ultra-light lithium ion battery pack. The Smarti features up to 9 miles of battery range, with a weight of only 27.3kg including the battery. At the touch of a button the scooter folds away in seconds. This makes the Smarti ideal for car journeys or travelling abroad due to its compact design and dependable performance. With its premium finish, solid build and performance the SMARTI is an exceptional transportable mobility scooter.

Red Folded Mobility Scooter

The Mini 4

The Mini 4 Mobility Scooter features a unique quick release dismantle and assembly system. Designed to avoid heavy lifting, the Mini 4 has many benefits over heavier folding and automatic folding scooters due to the individual light weight components. Easy to transport in a vehicle or to store for users with limited space, the Mini 4 ticks many boxes. Its strong cross-brace frame helps make it one of the most robust and stable scooters on the market today. This model is highly manoeuvrable, making it ideal for busy pedestrian areas, supermarkets and pavements. This scooter also features an optional second battery with onboard storage meaning you can travel 12.5 miles on the main battery and extend the range to 18.5 miles with an a additional battery sold separately. Please ask for further details.

Green Transportable Mobility Scooter Disassembled

Hybrid Power Chair & Scooter

This ingenious Hybrid combines all the benefits and functionality of both a Power Chair and a Mobility Scooter. The unique and innovative design incorporates a wide range of features and is available in a selection of striking colours. Users can convert from mode to mode in seconds, and because fits into the boot of most cars, this model is very popular with users that need flexibility and convenience when at home and on the move. Ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use in either form, the Hybrid ticks so many boxes!

Yellow Power Chair and Scooter

Dash E-Fold Powerchair

The Dash E-Fold is a Rear Wheel drive automatically folding power chair. It is extremely light, weighing just 26kg. This aluminium Powerchair folds automatically using a remote-control button. It folds down completely to create easy storage and transport which is great for frequent travellers and for portability. It has a fully adjustable backrest, armrests and footrest with a anti-tip design, padded seat and large footplate to add to the users comfort. It also has a suspension system to absorb impact and improve the performance of the Powerchair. The Dash E-Fold is made from very high quality materials including a SuperPower brushless motor and advanced Lithium-ion battery that has a 9 mile range. There is a high quality charger and this power chair can be taken on aeroplanes (known as airsafe). There is some convenient storage with an under seat mesh storage and a cup holder.

lightweight aluminium frame power wheelchair with red seating with adjustable backrest, footplates and armrests. Joystick controls.

Dashi Powerchair

The Dashi powerchair is just 17 kg without the battery or 18.5 kg with the battery and folds up in one very simple movement for storage. It will stand up on it’s own when folded, so can be pushed neatly out of the way when not required. The Dashi is perfect for travel as it also comes with it’s own travel case and built in pull handle. The large rear castors will handle most terrain when out and about but is just as good indoors and around the home, the Dashi really is a very versatile powerchair.

Black aluminium and magnesium frame power chair with rear wheel drive. Flip up footplates and adjustable seat. Joystick control which can be positioned left or right of armrests. Anti-tip rollers to the rear of the powerchair.

Dashi MG Powerchair

The Dashi MG has a magnesium frame which makes it one of the lightest chairs on the market with a weight of 15kg (excluding the battery) and 17kg (with battery). The chair is foldable in a matter of seconds into a compact size making it convenient for transportation. The chair is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This powerchair has a seat width of 19″ and a seat depts of 16″ and is fully adjustable to meet the individuals postural needs. There are anti-tip coasters to the rear of chair for safety. The Dashi MG Power Chair is made from the highest quality materials including a 120 Watt Super Power Motors and advanced Lithium-ion battery giving an impressive range of 9 miles.

Black magnesium frame with padded back seat and backrest. Separate footplates and anti-tip coaster to the rear. Joystick operated